Drive Efficiency

Our software enables you to save time throughout the sales process by improving the way your clients search for and purchase sites. This allows your sales team to concentrate on relationships, upselling and sales strategy.

Access to New Markets

Times are changing and so is the way people expect to buy. You can now buy everything from groceries to cars online, so why not posters? Our software enables automated and friction free purchase of all types of OOH and digital OOH. This also allows you to access the click to purchase generation.

Time to Market

Our software allows you to launch your e-commerce system quickly, so you can take advantage of the fast growing online purchase market. Built to be flexible and scalable we continually innovate so that you stay ahead of market demands and your competition.

Fully Customisable

As a modular package, our system allows you to sell space in all environments on both paper and digital locations. You can choose to offer as much or as little as you like, sell locations individually or in packages. Our systems can run with any existing inventory management system so there’s no need for back office changes.

Public & Private Marketplaces for Outdoor Media Owners

Cost Effective

The value of our Marketplaces is in the time that your sales team can save and the new business you can service at a low cost. Our software is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, starting from just £500 per month.

Delivery Dashboard

Clients can easily track the status of their booked campaign and manage their artwork. The system has great similarities to a parcel delivery system.

Multi Environment

Roadside, stations, malls, airports, bars and clubs, digital or paper our system supports almost all environments and formats.

New Lead Development and Scoring

Leads are evaluated by tracking usage on your Marketplace: the number of times clients have clicked on sites, if they have added sites to their cart, etc. Lead scoring helps with prioritising and streamlining your sales teams efforts.

Integration with existing CRM and Inventory Management

We offer automatic or manual links to existing inventory management and CRM systems.  These can be as simple as a daily CSV upload or a fully automated availability option and booking function. This makes our Software-as-a-Service a turnkey solution.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Our infrastructure is run on ISO 27001 certified Virtual Private Servers, hosted in the cloud. Using continuous delivery with a fully automated deployment process, we can deploy fast and often in a stable manner.

Some of our projects: – a UK aggregator

We use our own software in the UK to power an OOH aggregator, covering both paper and digital panels and working with some of the biggest names in OOH industry including Clear Channel, Primesight and Exterion Media along with many smaller owners. The marketplace is aimed at  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tutorial video

JCDecaux Belgium

JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company in the world, have launched their own online buying platform powered by Signkick Marketplaces.

You can experience this in French or Dutch by clicking on the logo below :